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This extreme challenge was made possible by our Chief Engineer Kieron Bradley. It took 2 years of development to turn our Porsche 356 into an ice ready beast fitted with skis and tracks fitted for the polar terrain. After more than 18-months of re-engineering the road-going vintage Porsche for Valkyrie Racing's coldest and most dangerous endeavor, UK-based Senior Chassis Deign Engineer Kieron Bradley has succeeded in creating a on-of-a-kind ice machine, it's an engineering marvel. With reinforcement to the chassis ranging from aesthetics to safety and environmental considerations, a combination of skis, tracks and a crevasse bar with a dual-sided solar panel are the outward retrofits first noticed, with a particularly bold and aggressive design for the overall exterior.  According to Bradley, not only do the skis make a good looking technologically advanced statement, but they were specifically designed to be supported by all the other components to make less of an impact on the snow than a footprint. "The ski and track combination increase the flotation by a much as 300% when compared to Antarctic 4X4 support vehicles on the 42" tires -and the 356 will be gliding and leading the tracks throughout the entire journey."



The ​Porsche 356 has been modified to endure the freezing temperatures and extreme environment.

The base vehicle will be a Rally prepared and 1956 Porsche 356.

The design must accommodate the fitting of pre-approved spiked Ice tyres with no wheel alinement change.

The visual identification of the rally base vehicle should not be compromised.

Operational temperature range -50°C to +55°C

Approach angle 30° / Departure angle 45°

The vehicle must use the original rally prepared suspension and steering system with only complementary suspension to control the tracks

To constrain running tool mass, the use of simple hand tools for is only permitted on the ice

Two occupants must be able to enter and exit the vehicle unaided

Occupant to have rear window exit option

Survival dress, water, and communication equipment to be accessible from within the cabin area

Twin solar panels to produce a minimum of 150W at peek saturation 

Crevasse Bar not to impair driver vision

2.1m Crevasse Bar bridge gap 

Crevasse bar TIG welded / T45 material

Roll cage TIG welded / T45 material

1.2psi maximum ground pressure at 50mm soft snow depth

Rear track suspension mount frame TIG welded T45

Track bearing system running Dupont Krytox low temp grease

All track and ski fitment to be accomplishable by one person

Vehicle fitted with Anderson power adapter plugs

12V low temperature compressor to be always onboard

4 Ton bag jack to lift vehicle in soft snow

Rear engine frame winch point

Recommended speed for component durability 40kmph

Temperature gauge for early gearbox overheat detection

On inspection of the internal structure, inspection cameras highlighted clear evidence of previous repairs, resulting in design changes to divert loads away from repair areas

Due to the Covid pandemic, many supporting businesses supplying raw materials or services were unavailable until late into the modification

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