Classic Porsche 356 rally racing around a hairpin corner



In 2013, Valkyrie Racing's founder, Renée Brinkerhoff, participated in the La Carrera Panamericana and made history as a woman driver in this infamous race by winning First in Class  in the team’s debut race. Shortly after this, Valkyrie Racing was formed and the Valkyrie Racing team went on to make further history by podiuming in every year they participated in the La Carrera Panamericana.


Born out of this success, Project 356 World Rally Tour was conceived. Each of the six races of Project 356 were specifically chosen to provide the greatest challenge possible for the car, driver, navigator, mechanic and support team. In each race, something singular was the goal. Whether the race had never before had a 356 Porsche or any classic car participate, or never had a woman driver participate, or the 356 model hadn’t faced those specific types of challenges before–Valkyrie Racing purposed to achieve something unique in every race.