One woman, one car, one mission and one world tour -- Project 356 World Rally Tour is making history by racing a 1956 Porsche 356 on all seven continents, including Antarctica.

Renee Brinkerhoff, and her Valkyrie Racing Team, are on a mission to conquer six rallies on seven continents in a vintage 1956 Porsche 356 with just one objective -- to support and end human trafficking through her charitable foundation Valkyrie Gives, and the team is using their Project 356 World Rally Tour to raise funds and build awareness. 

Covering nearly 20,000 miles in some of the world's most extreme locations and races, our global quest will see Renée traversing some of the most hardcore roads around the world, some climbing as high as 16,000 ft in the Peruvian Andes -- roads that have never been explored by the iconic -- while also providing education, funds and supplies to pre-vetted international organizations that help women and children at risk.


The mission is to raise awareness of child trafficking and donate funds globally to end this horror through our non-profit entity VALKYRIE GIVES.


Our car of choice is a 1956 Porsche 356A that has been specially prepared by Richard Tuthill, a second-to-none mechanic at the world's leading Porsche 911 rally workshop, located in the UK.


And what a car it is.


Lightweight with nimble-handling, a rear-engine and rear-wheel drive, the 356A is like no other classic Porsche, and Renée has proven this with multiple podiums around the globe. But while Renée pushes this car to limits and beyond, Richard works to ensure nothing can go wrong, working on it prior to and throughout each event, servicing it regularly, checking its rallying capabilities are where they should be and providing Renée with incredible insights into the world of off-road endurance racing.

While supporting each rally, Tuthill’s team has even provided a thoroughly re-built engine during the 2019 Peking-to-Paris trek, flying it in suitcases from the UK to St. Petersburg, Russia to help Renee complete the 36-day motoring race, covering more than 9,000 miles, 8 time zones and 12 countries.



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