Classic Porsche 356 At Start Line of Rally race



In 2013, the world of rallying was introduced to the most unlikely of newcomers: Renee Brinkerhoff, a then 57-year-old mother-of-four from Colorado, USA -- and an introduction it was not.


Kickstarting her adventure behind the wheel of a 1956 Porsche 356A, Renée took on the gruelling La Carrera Panamericana, a 2,000-mile journey across through the cities and backcountry of Mexico -- a race that is widely considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world, where several lives were claimed on Brinkerhoff’s first day alone. Undeterred, Renée claimed a class victory on her debut.


But this wasn't just the start of an incredible racing record; this was the start of something much bigger. Brinkerhoff established Valkyrie Racing and enlisted the support of world-renowned Porsche restoration expert and rallyist Richard Tuthill.

Moving forward, La Carrera became Brinkerhoff's playground for the next three years where she took home 4 consecutive class wins and became the only woman to finish La Carrera each year she has partaken; a monumental achievement that led Brinkerhoff to think up a new challenge for herself: complete six rallies across seven continents in what is now referred to as Project 356 World Rally Tour. 




Renee followed up her four consecutive class victories in La Carrera with a Targa Plate win at Targa Tasmania, a 2,000-mile rally race in Australia, followed by a finish in the Caminos del Inca rally, a 2,000 miles race through the Andes mountain range where Renée competed as the only competitor racing a classic car.

After this, the team took on the 2019 Peking-to-Paris trek, where Richard Tuthill found himself having to fly a newly-rebuilt engine from the UK to St Petersburg, Russia in his suitcases to help Renee complete this 36-day motoring race that covers more than 9,000 miles, 12 countries and 8 time zones.

As an endurance race, it is one of the most gruelling out there, but it was the perfect preparation for the team who headed to Africa to take on the East Africa Safari Classic, a savage nine-day battle that saw their Porsche 356 compete in a 3,000 mile off-road rally through the wilds of Kenya and Tanzania; a race that is notorious for sending cars airborne one minute and submerging them in water the next. The team finished the race in the heaviest rain recorded for 40 years.




Renée's final race for ‘Project 356 World Rally Tour’ will reach its most epic proportions yet as the Valkyrie Racing Team concludes a near 20,000-mile global trek in the snow and ice of Antarctica.


This leg of the adventure is set to take place in late-2020 to early-2021, where Renée will take her vintage Porsche 356 across 356 miles of icy conditions alongside her navigator, Jason de Carteret, a world record holder in polar exploration.


This final feat is expected to achieve its own world record. 






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