Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos



To complete our world quest to race on every continent, Valkyrie Racing is heading to Antarctica with the assistance of polar explorers and world record holders, Jason de Carteret and Kieron Bradley.


The team will have two goals: to drive 356 miles on the harshest, coldest terrain in the world, and to achieve a new land speed record on the ice of Antarctica.


Here's a sneak peek of the car's conceptual design for Antarctica, as created by Dwight Knowlton

Antarctica JT (2017_03_20 08_07_05 UTC).


Jason brings decades of polar experience to our team and is currently planning all of our team's logistical support. While in Antarctica, he will be advising our team, and will be navigating our 356 miles as we drive through the treacherous ice expanse of Antarctica.

Kieron is currently engineering and building the car for the extreme weather conditions and formidable terrain that we'll be encountering in Antarctica. His prior world record success of driving to the south pole with Jason makes him the most capable person on the planet for this task.